Digital Content Services

The Center of Excellence for Digital Content is on of the innovative and pioneering projects of NCEL aiming at setting high standards relevant to theDigitalproduct in all its stages to better enhance and develop e-learning courses.


This being the case, The Center of Excellence provides consultations and expertise to support the Universities in designing e-Content effectively.





  • Assisting universities in approval of high quality e-content, based on scientific and global standards.
  • Setting up of a national model for the development of the e-content, in order to be a reference for the universities that desire to present it replicas, to contribute to the development and publishing of the e-content.
  • Cooperation with universities for the preparation and qualification of potentials and abilities to enable universities produce their own courses, through the assistance in the formation and training of work teams.



Stages of E-course development:


The e-course is one of the e-content forms, which building up needs clear standards and regulations including digital building and pedagogical design.


The E-course must go through delicate processes, determine stages that assure its commitment to scientific standards and quality terms like requirements analysis and planning, determination of course subjects, prototype model, scenario, then version multi-development times prior to final version release and approval.


Services of Center of Excellence for Digital Content:


The Center of Excellence provides several services in the field of consultations and opinions. These services are diversified according to users’ orientations, but in general, they meet their needs, answer most of their inquiries related to the pedagogical context.

These are:

  • Experience (the content, procedures, consultation and lectures)
  • Training materials (CD-ROM, and training design, brochures, etc.)
  • Pillars (presentation materials)
  • Currently, the courses created by the digital production line are being employed  in Jusur LMS or employed independently by universities.