Excellence Award in E - Learning Fourth Edition


The aim of the project is to stimulate and encourage educational institutions, to develop creativity and innovation, and to promote the spirit of competitiveness to enrich the e-learning process, and to recognize excellence in e-learning and to deepen the concepts of excellence and creativity by adopting the standards of excellence in the application of e-learning. , The idea of the e-learning award was launched to improve the level of learning in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to keep up with the global progress in the field of e-learning and to have an advanced seat in science measured by the renaissance of nations.

Objectives of the Excellence Award:

1. Spreading awareness of the culture of excellence in e-learning in Saudi Arabia.

2. Adopting the standards of excellence and creativity in e-learning applications.

3. Encourage initiatives that contribute to the enrichment of e-learning.

4. Exchange success, expertise and dissemination of the best applications in the fields of e-learning.

5. Developing e-learning in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

6. Appreciate and encourage excellence in the field of e-learning, especially at its fourth session to focus on excellence in the production of open educational resources.

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