Advisory services

Advisory services

 The National Centre for e-learning and Distance Learning offers you distinctive and comprehensive consultations on e-learning and distance education consultations.  Constellations services are managed by local and international consultants. 

Strategic Planning Consultations

We at the National Center put greater efforts and expertise to provide consultancy for strategic planning of our customers. Our team of experts try to understand the your special needs, and understand the difficult challenges and obstacles that confront you, then provide the consultancy that facilitates these challenges and expand your future vision and provide you with the appropriate solutions.

Through our constellation services we guarantee that you can move in the right direction and take the best advantages of your sources.

 The National Center would like to promises that received these advisory services  will ensure you the following:

  • Get the strategy that can protect your organization against future risks.
  • Deal comfortably with the rapid change and developments that may face you in the coming years.
  • Get a clear vision create a future image that can help you to achieve the main objectives during the target time period.
  • Improve future output through efficient strategic management.
  • Concentrate on the most important factors to ensure continuous success in the future.
  • Get a strategic analysis of the internal and external environments for the construction and activation of e-learning and training
  • Identify the strategic gap.
  • Identify strategic issues and objectives.
  • Define strategies and alternative strategies to address issues and achieve strategic objectives.
  • Identify strategic objectives for each e-learning and training purposes.
  • Identify operational plan to achieve the strategic objectives.
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the operational plan.


Project Management Consultation:

Before starting a project, you need to identify the specific needs of your organization and its long-and short-term objectives. We at the National Center help you to achieve those objectives. We study the current situation of the client and determine the mechanism of action, courses, the technical structure and the requires communication between consultants, stakeholders, beneficiaries and decision-makers, then develop the best technical administrative conception to adopt e-learning technologies,

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