Technical Services

Technical Services

The national center, with the development and IT team, seeks to coupe with the latest developments in e-learning and learning technologies.  The national cementer is keen to provide the best technical services including a range of products and solutions that are appropriate for your needs:

  • Learning Management Systems and e-Training LMS:

The national center offers you a range of Learning Management Systems, which is the portal that combines the teacher or trainer with student, and allows each of them to interact with the other – at anytime and anywhere - according to his role in the educational process taking advantage of the educational technical tools offered by them system .

The teacher manages student data, and schedules course and develops a teaching plan. The teacher also makes content available for students, and follows their performance, he/she can also carry out e-exams, saves and process grades, etc.

The student receives the elements of the subject interactively and delivers his/her research and duties through the portal, can communicate with colleagues about the subject and share files with them, in addition to many other services.

Many of learning systems have learning content management system LCMS (Learning Content Management System), which is the environment in which they can manage special repositories in learning modules and use them in the development of  educational materials. These systems are featured with high research capabilities that enable developers to search and access quick to text and media necessary for creating learning content.

We at the National Center provide educational institutions with suitable systems and the IT solutions that sites their needs.


 Virtual Classroom Systems:

Virtual Classroom Systems enables direct interaction between teacher and student or trainer and the trainee through the internet or through the screen or display panel that can provide a number of tools including video broadcast and audio interaction and chat as well as smart board and a set of learning tools in addition to participation and learning management tools, which enable direct and interactive presentation with methods similar to the traditional learning.



Saudi MAKNAZ for Learning Modules:

MAKNAZ is a digital repository system that stores data in digital files format. It can store a wide range of file types, and multimedia files in the system. MAKNAZ can also be used for the management of content used in the implementation of e-learning.

Through MAKNAZ, the National Center for e-Learning and Distance Learning helps Saudi higher education institutions to develop digital content, enrich the curriculum and facilitate learning to achieve excellence in the educational process as a whole. MAKNAZ also facilitates the process of development, saving, retrieve, re-use and share of learning modules. It also supports the efforts of the Saudi universities as being a basis for building high quality and lower cost digital curricula.

In the future, MAKNAZ will help in determining scientific research findings in universities, which can be applied in the construction of educational content according to the latest international standards and applications.



MASAR for Instructional Design:

MASAR for instructional design is an authorship tool, which help teachers and course designers to create and develop highly effective and productive e-courses and use the course content a standard Scorm package for various  learning management systems, enabling users to access the system (processor) through the internet, and dealing with the multimedia of e-learning content on the web supported with images, sound, movement, video clips, written modules and exams. The total content also helps to select models of authored lessons and courses and package to redistribute learning content.

The National Center for e-Learning and Distance Learning, through MASAR for instructional design, directs all efforts being made for the establishment and development of e-courses, to support enriching scientific curricula in order to facilitate learning and to achieve excellence in the learning process.


Integration with systems of educational institutions:

Users can benefit from the experience of the National Center to work on integration between supplied systems and educational institution systems such as connectivity with databases and admission and enrolment management programs.


Technical Support Services:

The National Center offers you technical support services system and SANEED is the active link between the National Centre for e-Learning and Distance Learning and the beneficiaries of its services. The National Center allows the beneficiary to benefit from a number of communication and support channels, such as: unified phone, e-mail, and e-Tickets in addition to the self-service through the phone, etc.

SANEED has been designed according to sophisticated measures that are ready for expansion the National Centre services, it is also equipped with high level smart systems, and universally recognized techniques, managed and operated by a group of specialized professionals, from telephone operators , through supervisors, quality observers and a number of advisors in technical support applications, call centers, and quality, etc.


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