About the program

About the program :

The OER program is a Saudi National program that contributes in enhancing the educational content to support College education. This program seeks to find a sustainable path to partnership in design, improvement, maintenance, and enhancing the quality of the digital educational content and it will contribute in providing more educational opportunities for those who speak Arabic language. This would be achieved through partnerships with leading international and Arabic institutions for building digital repository, and localizations of the OER and building high quality Arabic educational content. In addition, it will be opening the way for academics and students in the Middle East to enrich the content through well-defined process to ensure quality.

Program Objectives

• Contributing to the quality of lifelong education.
• Enhancing the quality and accessibility of teaching and learning resources.
• Build capacity of participants in developing sector-wide OER policies.
• Strengthen the coordination in design, development and quality assurance of OER.
• Establish the best open educational practices, products and outstanding processes through self-evaluation and peer review.
• Encourage researchers and developers to conduct studies and propose guidelines and solutions to enhance the OER system.

Who will benefit from this program?

• Saudi Educational institutions and their faculty members and students.