"Workshops for the first meeting of the national program of open educational content"


About the workshop:

The vision of the Open Education Resources (OER) program launched by the Minister of Education at the opening ceremony of the 4th International Conference on e-Learning and Distance Learning focuses on the establishment of a stable and growing concept of open educational practices and the creation of a user-friendly and dynamic national platform that builds a truly sustainable partnership that enriches and supports partnership in educational content Video and supports the quality of educational practices. This program has been based on an extended global movement of time and place, and institutions are paying particular attention to this important trend. On the occasion of the World Open Education Resource Week, the National Center for e-Learning facilitated the launching of a number of activities and events for the National Open Learning Program in conjunction with the award ceremony of the Excellence Award in e-Learning and the launching of the Saudi Resources Network (Shams) during the period 16-18 / 1439 e.


Workshop participants: 

• University representatives in the OER program.

• Representatives of education departments in all regions of the Kingdom.

• SHMS Ambassadors for General Education.

• National Center consultants and staff of the program.

• Representatives of the Ministry's sectors.



During the period 16 - 18/6/1439 e.

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the program:

National Open Education Content Program.



National Center for e-Learning.




Al Mqsorh